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ANDRA LEVINSON founder of BREATH OF LIFE is an American who has lived most of her life in London and trained in the USA. She was a successful fashion stylist until she suffered a debilitating back injury and subsequently reconstructive spinal surgery, which set her on a journey of discovery to restore her own health as well as to help others.

Today, she is a qualified therapist taught by the leaders in each field(including Yogi Bhajan, Gurmukh Kaur, Dr.Vasant Lad, Dr.Robert Svoboda, Dr.Bernard Jensen, and Barbara Brennan).

"It all starts with Kundalini Yoga, which is the essence of Breath of Life Therapy; breathing, movement, meditation and stress management which benefits the whole being, both mind and body. These techniques are designed for relaxation, energy and balance to maintain and restore perfect health."

"When you take control of your breath, you take control of your life. Breath of Life Therapy puts you on fast forward to help you realise your limitless potential."